Statue of Liberty

After two prior attempts to get to Liberty Island, we woke early this morning and caught the subway along with New York commuters, determined to get closer to Lady Liberty than we  had when we rode the Staten Island ferry two days ago.

It wasn’t the perfect visit, while the weather had improved from yesterday it was overcast and the only ‘time passes’ available to go inside the statue were for later in the day and we had travel plans at midday. Despite that we are glad that we went as it is hard to appreciate the size of the statue from the shore of Manhattan Island. What suprised me most however was that it is made from copper sheeting only 2.37mm thick.  I had imagined it would be 20cm or more.

For anyone planing a trip in the future, you can book ‘time passes’ on the internet and you should plan to do your tour before 9am as we did. By the time our ferry returned at about 10:30am, the queue to buy tickets was probably 500m long and you then had to join a queue equally long to board a ferry!


4 thoughts on “Statue of Liberty”

  1. I agree mate…awesome place NYC, but that security to go and see the old lady is something to behold…Can’t wait to get back there in a few weeks.

    Are you gonna make it back to Aus before May 24?? It’d be great to see you guys before i go.


  2. Hi mate,

    we get back May 28 so will just miss you. Hope your not going away for as long as we did, that would be 2 years without catching up!


  3. Hey you two,

    I arrived back in Germany last wednesday – it’s been around 27°C the last couple of days… quite a change after rather wintery Canada 🙂
    Keep me updated about your trip to Cologne, I might be around. Could you e-mail me the exact dates? That would be great! Have fun and I might see you soon!


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