Exploring the city

After our quick orientation of London yesterday, today we took our time to look at a few of the sites a bit more closely. What you are looking at here is Kimberley ascending a stairway (of 311 steps) which winds its way up the Monument. 202 feet high the monument gave us a great view of London and I was suprised by how modern the city looked.

From there we checked out Tower Castle and Tower Bridge and had lunch overlooking the Thames. We then met up with my cousin Candice and Kimberley took us all out to Camden markets. Lots of variety in Camden, from new age, to gothic to cheap souveniers and had the Aus dollar compared a little better with the Pound I may have come back with quite a few things.

I am enjoying London, it has all you expect, like the big red buses, old fashioned taxis, and telephone boxes, but it is much cleaner and has a interesting mix of old and new architecture. The gardens are also great, lots of tulips at the moment and the grass is thick and green,

Tomorrow it’s off to York and into the english country side

– Gemma

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