From London to Leeds

Our first leg of our UK trip is London to Leeds. We spent the day weaving through the english country side, which is beautiful. Very green with lots of little leaping lambs and fields of bright yellow canola.

When we stopped for lunch in Bedforshire Kimberley remembered that our Aunty Phyll (my Dad’s sister) lived somewhere in the area. Armed with only her first name and a vague memory of the street name we set off to find her. We grabbed a directory for Bedfordshire and found ‘The Birches’ ( Phyll’s street name) in the town of Shefford. Unfortunatly this was not right, so we stopped in the White Swan for a beer to reasses the situation.

A neighbouring town, Flitwick, also had ‘The Birches’ so we set off again. This was not correct either, but a lady in the street helped us out and let us use her phone to ring Aunty Phyll. After this (oh and a quick stop into the George hotel for some assistance) we found her in a different town not far away and topped off the afternoon with a strong cup of tea and good chat.

We then set off for the rest of our trip to Leeds, an overnight stop before our trip to York.



One thought on “From London to Leeds”

  1. Gem youve seen more of England than i have already. Try getting e few Pictures of Simon it should be easy now Kimbos there. If youve got time try Hampton court Ooby Doo Dell


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