Salut Paris

After a 9 hour overnight bus trip (which included a rocky ride on the English Channel Ferry) what better way to recover than relaxing at the foot of Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Basically we sat down in this spot at 11:30 am and didn’t leave it till after 4 o’clock in the afternoon, oh except to grab a baguette and a wheel of brie from the local grocer!

The park was full of tourists, bridal parties having photos taken, locals walking their pooches, and a lot of others like us enjoying the sun and having a relax.

Later in the afternoon we joined one of the very long queues to take the lift to the top of the tower. It was well worth it as we got a great view of Paris as well as getting a very close up look at the tower and many of its two and a half million rivets!

Newton, the binochulars you gave us were particularly good for this trip, we got a great birdseye view of the Arc de Triompe, the Champs Elysee and the Seine.

Whilst the tower is a bit of a tourist trap, and the constant throng of tour buses does make for crowded sightseeing, the surrounding areas are very beautiful and if one has the time they can be enjoyed at leisure. I think because most people on tours are rushing off to see something else they do not get a chance to enjoy some of the quieter, more pleasant aspects of the attraction.

What is intersesting is that when the tower was built in 1889 the Pariseans hated it, however I think that attitude has changed and the tower is an Icon that the locals are proud of – it is also a pretty good antenna!

– Gemma

3 thoughts on “Salut Paris”

  1. Hi Gemma & Simon,

    Newton & I have been checking your Blog and what adventures you and Simon have had since you left Toronto!
    The photos you have taken are spectacular and we enjoy reading all about your travels abroad.
    Newton is very happy to hear that the binoculars have come in handy….
    We will keep reading, keep in touch!!


  2. Hi guys,

    good to hear from you, hope all is well. We are now in Spain (a little behind on the blog). Could you let Neville know that we went to El Courte Ingles and we even made a purchase – he will know what we are talking about. Pass on our hellos to everyone at Waverly
    Catch up soon


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