Voila Paris

After resting our legs yesterday it was time to put them back to use again. We joined a walking tour with a company that operates throughout Europe relying on tips alone. Darian, our guide, was taking his very first tour today and did an outstanding job.

There are so many beautiful buildings, parks and monuments in Paris that it would be impossible to see them all in 3.5 hours but we had a good crack at it. Starting at St Michel we made our way along the Seine, through the exterior of the Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries gardens, saw Palais Royal, up to Place de la Concorde (the photo above) where the oldest object in Paris is – an oblisk donated by egypt, finishing with a walk down Champ des Elysees. All of this walking was done in 30 degree heat which we are still yet to fully aclimatise too after our time in Canada.

Following the guided tour we walked the rest of Champ des Elysees to see the Arc de Triomphe.  Its great to be here amoungst all of these famous sites that I had only ever seen in movies like Ronin or the Bourne Identity.

Back we treked to the Eiffel Tower to check out the light display they put on after dark, we had caught a glimpse through the buildings last night and wanted to see it up close.  The lights change from simple illumination to dazzling.  The whole of Paris also seems to turn out here for a picnic and it has a real street party atmosphere.  We even managed to find a restaurant around the corner where we enjoyed dinner with the tower in front of us.

We are really enjoying our time here, the language barrier isn’t too bad and the city is just beautiful.  We won’t have any problems finding things to do in our short stay here.



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