Au Revoir Paris

As we depart Paris I’d like to share a few of my thoughts on the city and our time here.

The first is in regard to paying for public toilets. If people cannot afford to or choose not to pay for a public toilet they will not just not ‘go’, they will urinate in the streets, train stations and parks instead. Paris stinks of urine, in some places enough to make you reech. This comment could be applicable to other European cities as well, but no other thus far has been so offensive.

Gypsies. If you come to Paris, be prepared to be assulted by gypsie women asking if you speak english and presenting a post card with a message asking for money. Walk away as fast as possible. From our observations it seems to be some kind of organised pan handling co-op. Around the tourist sites we counted as many as 30 of these women, aged from mid teens to middle aged. While the millitary armed with riffles walk the city and vans full of police in riot gear await the next revlotuion, a blind eye is turned to this scam of what seems to be Paris’s largest resource – Tourists.

Despite these two comments, we have immensly enjoyed our time here and you can’t help but be amazed by the history, arcitechure, art and culture of Paris. There are very few other places that could compete.



3 thoughts on “Au Revoir Paris”

  1. Yes, paris did have the stench of urine!!! However, It is not nearly as bad as what i have experienced in Berlin. Every lets say 100m or so the smell of boiled egg enters every part of your body and is vile! You never know when it’s coming and when it hits, it hurts!!


  2. Kimbo you should send a copy of your comments to the German Minister of Tourism, he would love them and Simon well thats a guillotine job.Thats what the tourists are for to Sniff it all in and get rid of it Dell


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