Gaudi's Barcelona

Today was mainly spent checking out some of the architectural works of Antoni Gaudi. The most famous being the Sagrada Familia, still not finished despite construction having commenced in 1911.  I had mixed feelings about the church, in one sense I thought it an eyesore, a mix of eratic images piled upon one another. I can see its grandeur, and I do appreciate its monumental nature, but no matter how I looked at it I could not take it in without feeling lost and a little giddy.

More enjoyable to look at where the Casa Mila La Pedrera and Casa Batllo. Both these buildings are lively and colourful and show real pizazz when you consider they were built in the early 1900’s. I am very curious to learn about what sort of a person Gaudi was and I have added him to a growing reading list for my return to Australia.

Moving along we visited El Courte Ingles, the largest department store in Barcelona (and certainly larger than any in Australia). This was on strict recommendation from a friend in Toronto and whilst the prices where a little much for this pair of backpackers, we did make a purchase – a battery charger!

I had planned for the evening the Magic Fountain, cascading from the base of the Palau Nacional and featuring a sound and light show. Unfortunatley it was not running so after so we trudged back into town for more Paella and Sangria.

– Gemma


2 thoughts on “Gaudi's Barcelona”

  1. Hey Gemma – great to see you’re both having a good time. Don’t know if you’ll have left Barcelona yet but Parc Guell – which is free is also really really good. It was one of Michaels recommendations and was designed by Gaudi – it has a house he also lived in there – really good to see if you have time. It’s easy to get to on the metro and then walking. Keep having fun!
    Jenny (FBEU)
    PS don’t know if this helps got this from a website

    TO GET THERE: Metro stop “Lesseps” (Green Line, L3) On leaving the metro follow the street signposts for the park
    Open hours form 10:00 (closing time varies for different times of year but is normally around 19:00).
    Entrance Fee – Free


  2. Hey Jenny,

    Thanks for the tip, unfortunatley Simon and I are a little behind on the blog so we could not make use of it. We do intend on going back to Spain at some stage for a holiday so we can check it out then!

    Actually most places we have visited we say ‘oh we should come back for a holiday here’, mmmm how’s my leave balance looking…

    Anyways, looking forward to getting back and seeing you all



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