Gothic Barcelona

Our last day in Barcelona and we couldn’t leave without checking out the beaches despite the overcast and chilly weather. We took a scenic route (read: we got lost) via La Cascada Ciutadella, another fountain that isn’t runing, and actually stumbled across Teletech Barcelona. Leaving as quickly as possible we found the beach where we stopped for a coffee and shelter from the rain.

After the rain had cleared up a little we completed our walking tour of the Gothic areas of the city. Of note were the Cathedral de Barcelona, the Templed’Augustus where four Corinthian columns remain from the Roman’s temple, and the Placa de Sant Jaume which is the centre of Catalan culture – a court formed within the Palau de la Generalitat (parliament building), the Casa de la Ciutat/Ayuntamiento (Town Hall) and the Chapel of St. George.

Amoungst the old gothic buildings and small laneways are markets and buskers who will stop playing the moment a camera is pointed at them and demand a euro, I don’t blame them. All of this only 2 minutes walk from our hostel.



One thought on “Gothic Barcelona”

  1. Simon I certainly hope that you stopped long enough to take a photo of Teletech Barcelona. With a good tax lawyer this would be justification to claim the last year as a tax deuctible study tour gathering information on “world trends in building design to support IT operations”. Gem there might even be a HR thesis in it for you!


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