Washed away in Florence

It was after 5pm yesterday by the time we arrived in Florence and found our accommodation, a camp site up in the hills overlooking the city. Expecting sunny warm weather we had booked three nights at Camping Michelangelo, expecially as it had permanent tents, ‘cabins with canvas rooves’ the website said.

This was perhaps a bit optimistic and given that the drought in Florence was broken the day we arrived with heavy rains, camping quickly turned dismal. Nevertheless we gave it a go for one night and when we woke this morning to heavier rain, damp clothes and an indoor swimmng pool we grabbed our packs and headed into town.

Whilst one of us sat in the McDonald’s with the backpacks and a walkie talkie, the other checked for vancancies in the surrounding hotels until we found a great little place which was dry, warm and threw in breakfast as well.

With our accommodation sorted we spent the rest of the day wandering the old streets of Florence. There were markets down most streets selling souveniers, leather products and counterfeit sunglasses. Gelato and coffee shops where abound and when we were ready for dinner there was no shortage of trattorias and restaurants to choose from.

– Gemma


3 thoughts on “Washed away in Florence”

  1. Gemma Its Nurses day in Australia to day soA Florence Night in Gale seems appropriate I am glad you got some where nice & dry to stay have fun Dell


  2. Hey,

    unfortunately, I have to tell you that I won’t be able to come to Cologne on Wednesday 😦 It’s the day of the week where I’m at uni from 8 am to 10 pm. (any other day would have been better…)
    But the good news is that I’ll most probably come to Australia next year in autumn!!! I’ll definitely make it to Sydney and see you then!

    Have a good travel through Germany,
    lots of luv,

    P.S.: Could maybe send me a “proper” e-mail so I have your e-mail address as well? Thnx


  3. Hi Lea,

    We have changed our plans and are now going to Berlin instead of Cologne. We will get there on Monday the 14th and leave on Thursday the 17th of May.

    Gemma will send you an email shortly so you have our contact details for your trip to Aus. We would love to see you again.



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