Fontana di Trevi, Rome

One thing you will find everywhere in Rome is Fountains. You’d struggle to walk 2 blocks without running into one, although most aren’t particularly pleasant. The Fontana di Trevi is very clean though and attracts huge crowds. We spent at least an hour sitting by the fountain which I think is attached to a hotel.

We must have seen a couple of hundred Euro thrown into the waters too. I’m not sure what the purpose is but the women especially take a coin in one hand, pose for a photo, circle it above their head and then throw it over a shoulder into the water.
In addition to the running water you can be ammused by the locals who try to sell you the most ridiculous things. Big at the moment are ballons filled with flour that can be shaped into faces. They will initally try to sell these to you for 5 Euro and demonstrate how to make a funny face with it. Upon refusing them they try to entice you further by shaping breasts, complete with nipples, onto the figurine. I think we saw one tough tourist manage to haggle them down to 4 for 1 Euro.

The highlight of our stop here was a group of Italian school girls who sat next to us. One of them overheard us talking and gathered the courage to ask if we spoke english and where we are from. She exciteldy ran back to her friends and before long we had about 15 ten year old girls asking what is our favourite colour and what is our favourite animal. Its unusual to be the focus of such attention.

On our way back to the hostel we inadvertantly started a bidding war between two resturant owners over our patronage. After the fixed menu price fell from 11 to 8 Euro we couldn’t refuse so stayed and enjoyed Italian pasta a block from the Vatican where our day began.



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