No, we haven't been in Germany for the past 5 years

Almost certainly any previous reader of this blog has long since forgotten that it ever exisited.

Well Surprise! We’re back!

With no real excuse for leaving you all hanging, lets just get onto business and finish the story… or has it not ended yet?

Our last entry left us in Berlin where we had re-united with Kimberley and spent a few days touring the city.  Let’s quickly sum up the key events in our lives since then, 5 years in one post – we can do this!

From Germany we took the train to Amsterdam.  A poor choice in hostel saw us desperate for more sanitary accomodation.  Eventually we found a bed at a hotel near the Airport, probably one of the nicest places we stayed on our entire trip.

This photo was taken somewhere in the Alkmar, a short train trip north of Amsterdam where we went to escape for a day.






From Amsterdam we flew to Houston, Texas to spend a few nights with Gemma’s school friends Ben and Louise who moved here a year or so earlier.  Houston is an unusual place, it looks like a big city but nothing really seemed to be happening in the CBD – kind of like it was a film set or something.  I can find any pictures, possibly because I didn’t take any (unlikely).  Favourite memory – eating Tex-Mex till I almost burst.

From Houston it was back to Vancouver for one night before the long flight back to Sydney.  Both our parents had come to meet us at the airport and so we took seperate cars home, Gemma with Brian and me with my parents.  As we had no mobile phones I had no idea that Gemma and Brian were still in the airport carpark for several hours with a flat battery.  NRMA to the rescue.

A poor wrap up I know, but at least you know we are back in Australia now.

So what’s happened since the trip?

1.  We resumed work at the jobs we had left 12 months earlier.  While it was great to have the security of these jobs it made it feel almost like we had never left.

2.  After a short stay with Brian we rented our first Australian home.  A lovely apartment in Sutherland.

3.  After aproximatley 6 months in said apartment we were given notice to vacate as the owner wanted to sell.  It was as good a time as any so we bought this house in Arncliffe.

4.  Within 3 months of purchase, and with a significant sum of money owing to the bank, I was made redundant from my job.  At the very begining of the GFC.

5.  Three months were spent gardening and generally living a life of leisure before I got a new job at Wormald which is far better than my old one.

4.  The house was painted with the help of my wonderful father.  From the above ‘old-lady-apricot’, to the new hip and fresh green.  A friend thinks it reminds her of a mint patty – I like that.





And that’s about all the significant events of the past 5 years.  Consider yourself up to date.

But the story continues….


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