Where to next?

Whilst technically not our first trip since the Canadian odyssey (we neglected to blog on two weeks of Great Ocean Road touring in 2010 and a week in Fiji earlier this year), this next trip will certainly be our first ‘adventure’.

Most of our readers have had the joy of listening to Simon and I bang on about this trip for the last few months, but as a quick recap for newcomers, it starts with a week in Perth, a week cycling in North Vietnam, followed by three nights in Nha Trang, three nights in Ho Chi Min, then back to Brisbane for my cousin Brett’s wedding and then home again.

We never intended on going to Vietnam. Its not that we weren’t interested in the country, its just it wasn’t on the list. So how did we end up with two tickets to Hanoi and a 9 day bike tour? It’s Perth’s fault really. Both our brothers live in Perth and we were due a visit. Rather than just take a week off we decided to take a month and go somewhere off the western Australian coast. Vietnam.

As I research the country though I can’t believe we had not thought of travelling there sooner. I wont go into it now, that’s what the trip (and future blog posts are for), except to say that Vietnam is a country Australian’s ought to know. Not only are we are neighbours, but we have history there. Besides, Vietnam is culturally rich, politically fascinating and has the best spring rolls in the world!

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