The Swan

Perth by simmogem, on Flickr
Perth by simmogem, on Flickr

We contemplated a trip to Rottnest Island today but decided to save that for a future visit to Perth when the weather is a bit warmer and more suitable for swimming.  Still wanting to board a boat, we instead took a return trip to Perth and back aboard the James Stirling.The trip from Fremantle was great with the sun shining and the back deck of the boat practically to ourselves. The Swan river snakes its way towards Perth, double backing on itself many times with countless boats and yachts moored at the many marinas along the way.

We marveled at the houses as they got bigger and bigger the closer we came to the city, all owned no doubt by mining magnates and media moguls. As we approached the wharf we could see a large group of elderly passengers waiting to board.  The Captain warned over the speakers that the boat would be at capacity for the return journey with day trippers from the Sea Princess cruise liner docked at Fremantle. The sun hid behind the clouds and a cold wind whipped around the back deck all the way back sending all but the most seasoned zimmer frames back inside the cabin.  I wonder how they’ll fare as their cruise rounds the southern tip of WA and heads into the Bight?

Once again we did not actually see Perth, other than from the river, but we are planning another trip in tomorrow.  Lets hope the sun shines again.


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