One for the foodies

Vietnamese Lunch by simmogem, on Flickr
Vietnamese Lunch by simmogem, on Flickr

How many spring rolls can a foodie eat, so far I am up to about twenty!

They are delicious, way better than any I have had in Sydney, including my regular Surry Hills Vietnamese haunt.

At our accommodation tonight we have been given a generous helping of food of all types.Lunch was a salad of banana leaf, papaya with a chilli laced dressing. Fish steamed in bamboo, pork with mushrooms and bean sprouts and these amazing pork spring rolls in leaves (instead of rice paper). Oh and pumpkin soup, which was a broth with pumpkin in it rather than your typical steam and blend style.

Dinner, more spring rolls, fish fried in a crispy coating, not batter, more like crumbed.  There was also beans, tarro soup, sweet potato and chicken, which was amazing when covered in the garlic, chilli and lime sauce. Our guide also treated us to some homemade rice wine – it’s got a kick, so will sleep well tonight.

Suffice it to say, we are not going hungry. A gastronomic highlight though was our ‘pit stop’ on the way up the mountains for freshly steamed corn and sticky rice cooked in bamboo. The sticky rice is pre-cooked and then stuffed into bamboo then cooked in a fire. Then you peel back the bamboo to reveal a stick of glutonous sticky rice which is then dipped into sesame and crushed peanuts. So good!

3 thoughts on “One for the foodies”

  1. you may just need to make sure that you ask for the recipe if you get to do the cooking course. sounds like it will go well with new season mangoes. xx


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