Cycling, Day two

Short stop by simmogem, on Flickr
Short stop by simmogem, on Flickr

Before jumping on the bikes today, we drove back over the mountains we had come over yesterday to a junction in the road about an hour and a half from where we stayed.Suprisingly my cycling had improved today, more confident with the downhills and better at changing gears. That does not mean it was not a bit of a slog. Before I go any further, a few home truths:

  1. Simon was right, I should have trained more.
  2. Malaria tablets make you puke. Breakfast missed.
  3. It’s not mud, it’s buffolo poo up my leg. (or Buffolo Chocolate as our guide puts it).
  4. It’s not all flat.

Having said that, I did it. 35kms. And all before lunch.  To see where we road click here.

Now that that it is out of the way, the countryside is amazing. So lush and green, and whilst the rice paddies have been harvested there is no shortage of sugar cane and other crops. Chickens here are also a sight. They are plump, colourful and they cross the roads – all the time. I am getting good at avoiding the livestock now, after clipping a puppy on day one.

Here is a short unedited video of part of the trip:

Lunch today was in a villiage called Vuu Bann. Beef noodle soup in a local restaurant. Then back in the van for a very bumpy ride along dirt roads to the Cuc Phuong Resort & Spa for our stay tonight. Not kidding resort, including wooden tub for mineral spring water bath in our own room! Dinner at 6:30 and then I am filling that baby up for a well earned soak.


2 thoughts on “Cycling, Day two”

  1. Hi Gem and Simon, we are enjoying the updates, loved the bike cam. Aunty Denise worried about the motor bikes coming too close to you Gem. Enjoy your soak and rest for another exciting day dodging Buffalo mud lol, xxx


  2. Hi Mum,

    Not so much ‘mud’ today, but grease. I have a tendency to lean on the chain. As for the motorbikes, do not worry. Vietnamese drivers are very bike friendly and go around, whilst beeping loudly to warn you of same.

    Love Gem xoxox


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