What's for dinner?

One of the highlights of today was coming across this group of boys catching large mice (or are they rats) along the side of the road as we went passed.

If you watch the video you’ll see how good they are at catching them, or mabye there are so many that it is very easy.  I think they sell them intown, hopefully not to the restaurants we eat at. They tried to encourage me to have a go at catching one but there was only time for them to pose for the camera and we were off again.

This morning we cycled about 25km before lunch from the outskirts of Nam Dinh towards Haiphong, a major shipping port where we will stay tonight.  The support vehicle took us the remainder of the way.

After checking in at the hotel we then ventured out again and cycled another 25km to Do Sun, a beach town on the outskirts of Haiphong,  The original plans were to then cycle back but it took us a little longer then expected so instead we enjoyed the sunset and then took the van again.

We had our first real taste of riding in a Vietnamese city today and, while Gemma was not real comfortable amongst it, I actually found it not too bad.  Everyone places an element of trust in the other road users and if you ride with the same mindset it generally works out okay.  I’m not suggesting we take on their road habits at home but many Sydney road users would benefit learning the lack of angst shown here (the honking is not in anger, more a pilot “I’m coming through” gesture).

Tomorrow we’re off to Ha Long so will probably be doing more road riding but it is a very interesting way to see the country.

One thought on “What's for dinner?”

  1. Mate, time to try a mouse spring roll since you have tried all the rest! Looks like the ride is great, hope Gemma getting a massage each night after ridding so far; well done.


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