Memories of Fiji

After our tough climb before lunch we spent the afternoon relaxing at the resort. The Cat Ba resort has two pools and a beach front, perfect for lazing around after a morning of cycling. It reminded us a bit of Fiji, reading books and looking out at the bay.

Our hotels, bar one, have been really good. Four star. Buffet breakfasts. Comfortable rooms. Anyone worried about accommodation in Vietnam, needn’t. We do however head into town for our dinners and eat at local restaurants, because the food is better. I think this is because the resorts are trying to cater to western tastes, so the food is a bit bland. One thing to note though is that beds in Vietnam are firm, and by firm I mean plank of wood firm.Finding something to watch on TV can also be interesting. Most hotels have TV with a couple of english channels, but not always. We did find a Korean tourism channel in english that was quite interesting… perhaps a future destination.

We have stayed two nights here and this is our last accommodation on the tour. We have done a little recap and despite the plush surrounds at the Legend Hotel we still think the homestay on night one was the best accommodation. How do you beat a stilt house with views over the rice fields. Plus the food there was the best by far. Good home style cooking.


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