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There was a nice thunderstorm on Wednesday night last week. Lightning flashed across the sky for about 2 hours like this. It seems to be a fairly frequent occurance here.

I have about 10 photos were I managed to capture bolts of lightening but the one on the right of this image is massive. Make sure to click to see the larger version.





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You may recall from my blog titled ‘Last chance to see a redneck wedding’ that the locals of Wayne drank from jam jar glasses – why I do not know – anyway, on one of my trips to the second hand store I came across two and had to grab them.

This is a picture of the jam jars debut, filled with Kokanee Gold (glacier beer from Canada).



Scotch Bonnet
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Simon and I have taken to regulary eating chilli – we even soak our own beans the night before cooking to get the best result. Not last night but the night before Simon brought these little peppers home to try and spice things up a bit – in the kitchen that is.

Like anything new that one intends to eat we tried a little bit first and were very dissapointed – the tip of the pepper was like a capsicum – no bite at all. Wise ol’ me though suggests ‘isn’t all the spice in the seeds’…

To give you an idea, the garden variety Jalapeno rates about 2500 – 8000 on the Scoville Scale (first scale ever created for measuring the heat in chillis), these little suckers, 150 000 – 325 000 (

I have not seen Simon hop around so much in my life and my tougnue was tingling an hour later and after two glases of milk and a beer.

Needless to say one scotch bonnet made some damn fine chilli!

Instant human. Just add coffee.

Coffee Machine

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As soon as coffee is in your stomach, there is a general commotion. Ideas begin to move…similes arise, the paper is covered. Coffee is your ally and writing ceases to be a struggle. — Honoré de Balzac (1799-1859)

They have some great ideas over here, but this one is up there with other great north American inventions such as insulin and the mechanical skirt lifter. A coffee percolator that drips straight into your travel mug, ready for the busy 80 metre commute to work. I don’t know how we got by without one previously.

Unfortunately its only 110v so it can’t come back home with us. Some one get in contact with DJ’s and tell them to get these in stock in time for our return.

Calgary Farmers' Market

Calgary Farmers’ Market

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Another day of exploring – two short bus rides to the Calgary Farmers’ Market, the best place in town to buy fresh produce.

On arrival the smell of popcorn and cinammon donuts filled my nostrils, but I was not tempted, I walked right on by – to the cupcake stand for a free sample of a mini mud cupcake. The Hummingbird would have been very impressed with these little homecooked morsels, but no time to delay more sampling to be had. Honey almonds, chocolates, the best cherry pie I have ever eaten and of course wines! A white from South Africa and a very good red from Argentina. On recommendation from the store owner I grabbed a Canadian Semillion from British Columbia (Johnny, I will give you the verdict once it has been opened).

I also bought some peaches and two cobs of corn for my husband – I am good to him aren’t I!

A quick note regarding my trip home, I missed my stop, but no worries, saw the University of Calgary, the Tom Baker Research Centre for Cancer and Hockey Canada’s Calgary Headquarters.

Where's Simon?

You may have noticed a lack of posts from myself recently.  Well I have a job… ensuring the people of calgary have all their photographic needs met, and this has occupied my time of late.

But how does Gemma manage to see so much and write such informative posts about Deanne house, Fort Calgary and the intricacies of a toy store in Kensington I hear you ask?

Well it seems life at the Community Foods store was a little too much for my precious wife and more suited to that of a hard working hemp wearing hippy.  So she packed it in and has been living a life of leisure these past few days.  I can’t say I have been unhappy about it though, dinner in the oven when I arrive home from a hard day at the lab is anything but unpleasent.

Hope your all well,

Simon (the bread winner)

Deane House


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I know I have already covered Deane House in my previous blog but I have stumbled across a bit more information which I found interesting – the house used to be on the other side of the river!

It was sold in 1929 to Charles L. Jacques who moved it across the Elbow River and set it where it is today. It was hauled across the river on timber skids across temporary pilings using a tractor. The pictures are quite amazing.

This was not the first move the house had made, in 1914 when the railway tore down the NWMP buidlings it shifted the house a little down the street and used it as the Station Agent’s home. Deane wasn’t very happy about all this, when the house was sold to the railway he took out all of the hedges and gave them to friends – he was a keen gardener.