Peyto Lake


Bryan, Simon and Peyto
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What can one say about Peyto Lake other than breathtaking.

Instructed by Bryan that while walking to our lunch destination no one was to look to the right until we reached the point seen in these photos or they would be cursed with bad sex for the rest of their life. Regardless whether you believe such a thing to be true or not, you do whatever a 6 foot 11 inch tall man says. We must have looked quite a site walking along the mountain trail sheilding our face to the right, but nobody else was there to see it… apparently this viewpoint is a ‘moose secret’.

I can’t remember what Bryan was pointing to in the photo, but he was most likely saying something along the lines of ‘someone died over there’ which has been the case at almost all of our stops.

Gemma and I agree that this would have to be our favourite place in the Rocky Mountains. We relaxed here for about half an hour following our lunch with very few words spoken, just absorbing the views of the intense blue lake and snow capped mountains.

Make sure you click the photo to see some of the others. There is even a shot of a chipmunk that managed to stay still long enough for me to capture him.



Parker Ridge – The long walk back to the Van

A good start to the morning – a forty minute hike upwards!

After hiking 2.4km we rose 247m – not bad for this old girl, and to prove I actually did it, there I am in the black jumper. I must admit it I didn’t find it easy, toward the end Laura (other girl in picture) and I were huffing and puffing. Simon graciously informs me that my shortness of breath was probably due to the elevation of 2270 metres and not that I am unfit – he is so kind.

Great views though and the wild flowers on top of the ridge are very pretty.

– Gemma

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!


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Well not quite lions and tigers but certainly a bear. On our way out of Jasper, after having rejoined our Moose Tour, we happened across a bit of Canadian wildlife.

The first was an Elk, I think one of the most elegant and beautiful animals I have seen. Truth be told we almost ran it over! It stalked out across the road quickly and Bryan hit the breaks just in time for it to continue on its way without any hesitation.

Next was our friend here the black bear. Wendelin, who was sitting in the front seat (as navigator) next to the only opening window took this photo.

We have also seen lots of squirrels and chipmunks.

Diving at Horse Shoe Lake


Horse Shoe Lake dive
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These photos were taken on our second visit to Horse Shoe Lake, we had gone once with Bryan on the Moose tour and a second time with Campbell on our way to Jasper. Both occassions Simon joined fellow passengers in leaping off the cliffs and into the water.

Whilst it is not clear from the photos the water at Horse Shoe Lake was a brilliant blue colour and so clear that at the waters edge you could easily see the bottom. Below where Simon isdiving though all you can see is dark descending blue as the lake is extremely deep. The water here is a bit warmer than Rampart Creek, about 8 -9 degrees.

I sat by the waters edge with my feet in and became the group’s designated photographer (this usually happens where the activity requires a bit of dare devil action).

Ice found on Mars – Edith Cavell & Angel Glacier


Ice found on Mars
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At least you could be fooled into thinking that from the photo.

As Gemma wrote, we have left the comforts of the Moose bus today and are travelling with a bus from the Hostel we will be staying at tonight. Strangely enough our driver is an Australian.

First stop is Edith Cavell Glacier. If you click on the image to the right you will see some photos of both Edith Cavell glacier, named as it sits on Mount Edith Cavell, and also Angel glacier, which resembles an angel with wings outstretched.

It is truly amazing that so much ice can exist in 30 degree heat. The chunk of ice in the image is actually about 2 metres tall and apparently has been sitting there for around a month following a small avalanche from Angel glacier.


Where are we?

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the lack of updates. We have been staying in the bush were there isn’t even running water, let alone internet access for the past 3 days. We will get some more content up once we return to Banf and Calgary over the next few days.