Welcome and hope you enjoy your stay

A bit of background….

Gemma and I are getting married on May 27 and heading off to Canada for ~12months. This blog will become our travel diaries and a place where we can keep in contact with family and friends. I thought that it might be a good idea to make a few posts here prior to the trip too.

Last night I sold my Datsun 260z. I had accepted that it needed to go as it would deteriate if it was left sitting back in Australia while we were away. Gemma turned up just as the new owner was driving away and she looked very sad, she gets attached to things easily.

Here is a photo of it:
My 260z

Anyway, its gone now, hopefully the new owner (18 year old kid) looks after it and continues the restoration. Mabye I can buy it back off him when I get back…haha unlikely

Well hope you enjoyed the first post ever. I’m still new to this so it should get better. I’m off to play bowls. My first game playing pennants… could be a disaster.