The cycling wrapup post


There has to be a summary post so here goes:

  • Total distance cycled: about 220km
  • Time cycling: about 18 hours
  • Calories burnt: 11553 (according to endomondo)
  • Number of snakes seen: 2
  • Number of dogs hit: 1
  • Number of breakdowns: 1 (Hoang broke the cassete on his rear wheel on the last day)
  • Number of crashes: 0 !

What an amazing way to see this small part of Vietnam.  We have seen areas that we would never have been to without taking this tour.


The first day’s cycling to the remote village.  This was exactly what I had hoped to experience.  Workers in the farms and children waving from their schools.

The homestay on night one.  Probably the best food and bed of the entire trip at most likely the cheapest stop.

Riding through Cuc Phuong on Day 3.  So peaceful and quite.


Riding 30km or more when you’ve not eaten much due to a bit of an upset tummy.

A big thankyou to our guide, Hoang, and Driver, Tu.  They were both wonderful company and catered for all our needs going beyond anything I had expected.


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