Happy Birthday us

Long Thanh Gallery by simmogem, on Flickr
Long Thanh Gallery by simmogem, on Flickr

With the best part of a day to kill before our flight out of Nha Trang we spent the morning googling for something to do in town and found the gallery of local photographer, Long Thanh.

Long is an accomplished photographer having won many international awards and has featured in two exhibitions in Australia.  With some birthday money given to us by my parents we purchased a print of one of his wonderful photos.  You’ll have to come and visit if you’d like to see it.

Long still works with film and only does Black and White work which he develops and enlarges on site in his own dark room.  He showed me a few of his Leica range finder cameras to which I pulled out my Nikon DSLR.  He picked it up and took the above photo of us (an original Long Thanh work!) but didn’t seem too comfortable with the technology.  He is too passionate about film and at a tad over 60 year of age thinks he is too old.

So a big thank you to Mum and Dad for our birthday present.  We promise to get it framed and hang it as soon as we get back.  Maybe we will get the mirrors from last year up at the same time!




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday us”

  1. So pleased that you have made such a promising start for this birthday. Keep up the good work. Look forward to seeing the print.


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