Bucks day fears

The Best Man, Daniel, has planned a bucks 'day' for me tommorow.  An entire day sounds a bit extreme but I'm not really fearful and think we will actually have a great day but am a little concerned what my other friends (Pete and Degrassi) have in mind for me. 

I'm fairly confident I will end up wearing a dress at some stage of the night.  I can live with that.  As long as they don't end up getting me arrested somehow.

The plans are to play bowls at Mortdale for a few hours in the afternoon then head in to the city for dinner and a few drinks at the James Squire hotel.  I've never been there before but James Squire is my favourite beer so it must be good. 

 Gemma is going to be out with her mum, sister and some other girlfriends for a similar themed day in Darling harbour.  I don't think she has much to worry about though.

 1 week to go till our wedding, 2 weeks till our departure… lots of loose ends to attend to.

One thought on “Bucks day fears”

  1. Simmo had nothing to fear on Saturday night. Just a set of bunny ears and fluffy tail. Not even a dress!

    It was a good night and I’m sure next Sat will be a great day for the lovely couple 🙂


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