Living it up in the Fairmont

Fairmont Banff

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When visiting Banff the place to stay is the Fairmont Banff Springs so what can I say, I am a girl with expensive taste! Here is the view from our room, in fact this is the view when you sit up in bed and sip your hot morning coffee – not bad at all.

The highlight was the ultra heated outdoor pool. I never expected to be in an outdoor pool when the air temp was hovering around 2 degrees but I tell you it is very relaxing and refreshing all at the same time. Also it is quite a novelty when a caribou (deer) wandered about the pool edge munching at grass.

The hotel is like a huge castle and inside there are a number of rooms with plush lounges and arm chairs just begging for a good book and a long afternoon. The WIlliam Wallace room was particularly nice with its dim lighting and roaring fire. On our last night SImon and I treated our selves to a port and a coffee in the Rundle Lounge … ahh the good life.

Thanks Penny for the good deal, Mum and Kimberley for the little treats and to the Lawrence’s for what was a very memorable birthday experience!

One thought on “Living it up in the Fairmont”

  1. Wow guys, that place looks beautiful. I sure wish Stephen and myself were over there sipping away a nice port etc..! Looks like a good skiing spot also. Sounds like you had a great time. Hope you’re both well and still having fun. Sorry for not emailing often enough and keep the updates coming – it’s always a nice highlight of the day in the old FBEU to read a new update from your travels. Anyway take care and keep up the adventures!
    The Hummingbird


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