Yanchep National Park

Koala @ Yanchep National Park by simmogem, on Flickr
Koala @ Yanchep National Park by simmogem, on Flickr

Today we had a visit from Kimberley and a day trip North to Yanchep National Park. The park has a Tudor style inn built in 1936 where you can grab a pint of Swan Draught and a bite to eat.

The park is also home to koalas, which can be seen along a boardwalk, and western grey kangaroos, which roam freely just about everywhere.

Unlike most times I have seen koalas where they have not moved at all, today we were in luck, with most having a bit of a munch on some leaves and a bit of a stretch and climb too.

After Julie, Bec and Stuart headed home to grab the children from school, Kimberley, Simon and I went for a bit of an explore. Rookie trap no. 1 – wandered into a tiger snake sancutary area – but once Kimberley pointed this out (and I took a photo) we got back on the path, ran into some german tourists in matching outfits, and then headed back to the safety of Butler.

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