Hurrying through Hanoi

Hanoi commute by simmogem, on Flickr
Hanoi commute by simmogem, on Flickr

Well we have arrived! Safe and sound. Although I must say there is nothing like stepping out of an airport into a foreign country to remind you of your vulnerablity. This only increased when we entered Hanoi’s traffic. There is no order, except some Vietnemese code of honking and getting out of the way. Same for pedestrians, and don’t think ‘oh I shall just stick to the footpath’ because you can’t. The footpath is covered by street sellers, people cooking and eating dinner on stools and bikes.Hanoi is like nothing I have ever seen before. It’s streets and lanes are lined with narrow buildings of various heights leaning in on each other. There is a haze to the city air that intensifies the general feeling of frenentic energy and pace. Just off the Old Quarter area is Hian Kiem Lake, the only place of peace in this city, which we took a walk around, before getting lost in the back streets, hungry and tired after our 14 hour trip from Perth.

The best place to escape, up some narrow timber stairs to a little balcony restaurant. Our first beef noodle soup of the trip, matched with vietnamese spring rolls and Hanoi beer.

I can’t really sum up the energy of Hanoi in a short blog, even though as I write this at 8pm on a Monday night the horns are still honking away. So I shall stop┬áhere and get to bed as we start our cycling tomorrow, but keep an eye out for future pics and posts when we return here in just over a weeks time.

3 thoughts on “Hurrying through Hanoi”

  1. Guys sounds like a quite night in Hanoi; wait till the peak hour starts. Enjoy the cycling, hope you both did enought pre-training otherwise you will need to have a Vienam “butt” massage.


  2. Glad to hear you have made it safe and sound. Today is Melbourne Cup Day so to keep you in the spirit we have put you in the sweep you have drawn No. 24 Kelinni. Hopefully you win a motza so you can buy that extra camera gear! Have a great time!


  3. Hi Guys, wish was there. Very envious of fresh authentic Vietnamese cuisine washed down with a cold beer.

    Sure you will ge use to th traffic and constant noise. If anything like Egypt crossing the road can be fun. Just treet it like a game of Frogger. Only downside is the consequences can be quite dire when you lose -:)

    Enjoy the rest of the tip and will check in now and again xo


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