Goodbye Calgary

Simon the Removalists

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We returned from the Rockies and donned our removalists hats for the task of packing up our things ready for our move to Toronto. We hired the van and filled it with our wordly goods (its amazing what you accumulate in four months!) and headed off the the inter-faith furniture store.

On the way home we had a big Brekky at Nellies, which set us up for our day of cleaning. This brings us to today, we had our inspection, gave back the keys and headed to the airport for our flight to Toronto.

We are excited to be going but also sad to be leaving. We enjoyed our time in Calgary and will miss the friends we made. Calgary was an interesting city, a mix of country town and city, Calgary is slower paced than Sydney, but still had a lot to offer. Without being too negaitve we were concerned about the drug epidemic that has led to a high rate of homelesseness and poverty in the city. We were regulary asked for money when walking downtown and felt that the problem really tarnished downtown Calgary. We enjoyed 17th Avenue though and had a number of favourite eating spots. We also enjoyed our long afternoons at Chinook Mall followed by a movie.

To everyone in Calgary who contributed to our time there, thank you and we look forward to keeping in touch and perhaps seeing you in Sydney some time!

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Calgary”

  1. i must say that chair with the flower pattern is a classic. totally saskatchewan style. haha.. i should of told u to bring it to my apartment. it would of went good with my couch thats already on the balcony. keep watch on the football playoffs, saskatchewan already beat calgary out, next is the B.C. lions losing to them, and hopefully Toronto will win there next game so SK meets them in the finals. cheers! P


  2. I don’t know how Christine would have felt about that armchair being dumped on you door step, I only allowed it through the front door because it was temporary!

    Hope all is well in sunny Calgary – raining here!


  3. Last week driving a Dodge Simon and now a “truck” – all after four months without driving at all and on the wrong side of the road. I imagine with the icy roads and freezing winters that motor bikes are not the preferred form of transport in Canada – if you find some good bikes to picture it would be a worthy BLOG entry


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