New Site Functions


Firstly, I have shuffled the sidebar (over there ->) around to make room for a new addition – ‘Unread Comments’

This will list any posts that have had new comments made since your last visit.  I would suggest you all click the ‘Mark all comments as read’ button to begin with as it will initially think everything is unread.  From then on you cam simply glance at it to see if there are any new comments from us or other readers.

The other new function is a little more subtle but hopefully very useful.  Comment Subscriptions.

When submiting a comment to one of our posts you will now see a checkbox below the text field titled ‘Notify me of followup comments via e-mail’.  Selecting this will tell the site to notify you when we (or another reader) replys.  If you decide that the email notifications are annoying you can unsubscribe by clicking Manage subscriptions at the bottom of any comments you have subscribed to.

I hope that these new functions will allow you to more easily keep up to date with whats happening.  We love reading everyones comments, even bickering between the founding fathers of communism who have occassioned here.  And if anyone has any feedback or suggestions for other site improvements please feel free to leave them below.  I have very little idea what I’m doing here and while the pay is low, I do enjoy tinkering.

Till next time,


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