New York City, Day 1

While I don’t think I will ever wear one, I understand why others wear those ‘I love NY’ sweaters now. New York is a pretty amazing city, far more so than I had expected.

We started early with breakfast (bagel and coffee) in Central Park. The park is just plain massive, you could probably fit the entire Sydney CBD inside Central Park at least twice. It covers over 50 city blocks North-South and about 5 large blocks East-West. We walked pretty much the entire length which took over an hour. You could probably walk in there for a week and not see all of it. There is a large lake in the middle, about 6 baseball fields, an ice rink, canals complete with gondalas, horse drawn carts and lots of joggers. It is still early spring here and it is already greening up, I imagine it would be even more beautiful in a month or two.

From the park we headed south checking out the Rockefeller Centre, Grand Cenral Station, Time Square and the Public Library before realising we still had 45 blocks to walk before hitting the south shore of Manhattan Island. We gave our weary legs a rest and jumped on the Subway to Ground Zero, the World Trade Centre Site.

While we are very sympathetic to the loss of New York, in particular the firefighters and other emergency services workers, it is hard to understand why rebuilding on the World Trade Centre site is taking so long and prolonging the grieving process.  Almost 6 years on it remains a large whole in the ground.

From here we walked past City Hall (which you aren’t even able to approach let alone enter), down Wall St finishing our day with a Staten Island Ferry ride past the Statue of Liberty before returning North on the Subway to Harlem where our hotel is.  Of course no Seinfeld fan’s trip to New York would be complete without a meal at Tom’s Restaurant, and while the interior is nothing like the set used on the show, the food made it worthwhile – great value.


2 thoughts on “New York City, Day 1”

  1. Hi Gem and hi Simon,
    Another great photo. Just wanted to say hello – it’s now official that you’re on your way, now that you’ve left Canada.
    MOH changes daily and all the space is taken up with the LHINs transition people. Your replacement isn’t catching on quickly, but there’s progress. She wants to read every package before doing anything – think I have that one beat, but am amazed at what I have to repeat and repeat OMG! It’s a test of patience – not everyone picks up stuff like we do.
    Miss your company and miss you being here!!
    Enjoy NY (curious to hear about your stay in Harlem). All the best, hugs, Jenn


  2. Hi Jenn,

    Great to hear from you, and yes leaving Halifax was a bit strange as we had officially left our home for the last 11 months!

    I must say I dont miss the packages but I do miss our morning coffees, long chats and Tim Hortons!

    Harlem was good, lots of cheap shopping and good places to eat out, which is always a bonus, and not far from Central Park when you need a break from the hustle and bustle.

    Missing you guys


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