Colosseum, Rome

Having seen the cause of the demise of the Roman Empire yesterday, today we set out to see the remains of their ancient city. The ‘Archeo-bus’ complete with English commentary guided our way through the ruins.

It is particularly interesting to us on our journey to see such amazing architecture and technology that the Romans had 2000 years ago after having seen what poor conditions the english lived in, more than 1000 years later, during the dark ages. I wonder where we would be today if the Romans hadn’t fallen?

The Colosseum was the first stop of the tour. Perhaps it was the overweight men dressed up in Gladiator garb, but you can’t help but think of our Russ slaying the evil emperor as you walk the Amphitheatre. While the size of the stands and seating capacity is astounding, even in comparison with modern arenas, the actual battle space is quite small. Much too small for even a 20/20 cricket game, although I would like to see Andrew Symonds bat a few overs in there.

– Simon

3 thoughts on “Colosseum, Rome”

  1. Love the idea of “Roy”, complete with white face laying on the willow against a team of gladiators in the Colosseum – I can see a beer ad in here – find me a marketing manager!

    On the more serious side of what would have happened if the Romans managed to withstand the barbarians for another millenia or so. The parallel between the end of that empire and the stage that western civilization is in at the moment is truly frightening.
    I personally don’t think it was lead poisoning of the water supply that destroyed Rome but corruption of every level of society.


  2. Hey I marked the first paragraph as “end silliness” and the last with “end rant” but HTML doesn’t like some punctuation like greater than less than apparently and I got censored. A typewriter wouldn’t have done that.


  3. you can only use very limited html (should be just above the comment box) in here. I promise it wasn’t me censoring you.

    Glad you liked the roy idea, I was picturing something very similar but didn’t make the link to a beer ad.


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